Women's Hoodies Launched

Women's Hoodies Launched   Check out the range on our store page - Click here  

Interview with Fitsix Founder Keith Atkinson

Keith Atkinson, Professional Windsurfer turned business owner and Founder of Fitsix. Here's an inside look at what makes him tick and what triggered him to create Fitsix...


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Fitness Technique: Standing Chest Press

Windsurfing Champion and Personal Fitness Trainer and Fitsix CEO Keith Atkinson, shows the The Standing Chest Press.

FITSIX featuring in National UK Magazine!

Fitsix is stoked to be featuring in Windsurfing UK Magazine. The National magazine offers online and print formats, where founder Keith Atkinson is featuring in a series of Fitsix 'how-to' fitness videos. Keith demonstrates how to perform a variety of exercises using gym equipment, or bodyweight exercises, which you can do anywhere!   Check out the first in the series in this awesome magazine: