Now, more than ever before, we are realising the importance of active, healthy lifestyles. The current trend towards healthy living is not just a fashionable movement; it is becoming a serious way of life for more and more people. Fitsix is a brand and a concept which recognises this, offering a range of products that combines fitness with style. At Fitsix, we live and breathe active lifestyles.

The Story of Fitsix

The CEO and founder of Fitsix, Keith Atkinson, has had an extraordinary career as a high-performing windsurfing athlete and a fitness training professional. The same motivation and relentless determination which saw Keith win no less than 15 British Windsurfing Championships is also the formidable driving force behind the Fitsix brand.  

Keith grew up on the beach. From birth, he grew accustomed to watching his father windsurfing. Then, at just six years old, his own windsurfing journey began. Even at such an early age, Keith knew that one day he would claim the sport as his own; it was his dream and ambition to be a windsurfing professional. At 16, his ambition was realised when his professional career began. To date, he has achieved 15 British Championship titles. He was also Espoir Vice World Champion and reached an overall world ranking of 4th. In addition, he has won multiple sports awards including the prestigious BBC Water Sports Personality Award. 

After nearly a decade on the Windsurfing World Tour, he made the decision to focus more on his business direction and became a Personal Fitness Trainer, given his vast experience in gym training as an athlete himself from the age of 16. 

"I wanted to create a brand which sends a positive message to inspire people to live a healthier life on a daily basis, to empower people to change themselves for the better. My core focus is to deliver quality, on-trend products at reasonable prices. Furthermore, we have undergone extensive testing on all the products we supply, so not only are they extremely comfortable, but durable and functional at the same time for both in fitness and for wearing on a daily basis". 

Where does the name Fitsix come from? The number six is a recurring theme in Keith’s personal journey: his windsurfing sail number for identification is 'GBR-56', and considering he became a professional athlete at 16 and having started in the sport as a six-year-old, Fitsix seemed an entirely fitting name for the brand he is so passionate about.